Janet M. Taylor is the author of the book 101 Secrets to Living an Organized Life.  She has additionally authored a series of e-books that stir and motivate the unorganized to become clear on what it takes to live an organized life.  


Janet delivers  motivating onsite or online trainings that leave attendees stirred to take the steps necessary to organize their homes, offices and lives.

30 Minutes or Less…

When was the last time you took 30 minutes out of your day to address simple organizing task to prevent them from turning into major organizing projects? This e-book will help you on your journey to getting totally organized. Sign up below.

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  • The Brilliance Behind Organizing

Do you get frustrated when you can’t find something the first time you look?

Are you tired of being the last one to arrive at an event or meeting?

Are you tired of being overwhelmed with the clutter in your home, the piles at the office and the chaos in your life?

Let Janet help you…

  • Throw away the unusable junk that has been in your home for weeks, months and years


  • Reorganize so you can maximize the space in your home and office


  • Restructure your time so you feel more in control of your day, week and life


Whether you are single or married in your 20’s or 90’s Janet can help you toss out what you don’t need, bring order to what remains and provide you with strategies to live an organized life.