An Organized Summer: The Travel, The Family, The Fun

An Organized Summer: The Travel, The Family, The Fun

By on May 14, 2013 | 2 comments

Memorial’s Day is the official start of Summer and I wanted to provide you with simple ways to maintain order no matter how hot it gets.  Below are a few tips so you and your family can have an organized Summer.

The Travel:

1)      Organize all the items you need to have access to as a driver (guide books, change for tolls, phone charger).

2)      Have a fully supplied first aid kit and adequate items for car maintenance in the car.

3)      Have a designated place in your home for your passport with a list of all recent immunizations.

4)      Organize luggage and travel bags and donate ones you no longer use.

5)      Keep all travel size items (personal care items) well stocked and organized.

The Family:

1)      Schedule time to review family member’s schedules (work, extracurricular activities, meetings) to ensure there are no conflicts and that the family spends quality time together.

2)      Give away old photos you don’t want to family members that would cherish them.

3)      Establish a new and fun way to stay connected (texting, face time, regular scheduled phone calls).

The Fun:

1)      Organize all games and toys for outside activities.

2)      Make sure you are well stocked with sunscreen.

3)      Designate a space where wet towels and toys go after a day in the water.

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Do you have a Summer organizing tips please share I would love to hear from you.  Until next time have a clutter free day!

  • Ellen Delap

    Simple and easy to do ! Thanks for sharing!

    • Janet M. Taylor

      Ellen, your feedback is greatly appreciated!