Are You Afraid Of Your Mail?

Are You Afraid Of Your Mail?

By on Apr 7, 2018 | 0 comments

Ok you are probably thinking that is a silly question, but is it? Working with clients I am always amazed at the amount of unopened mail that accumulates in their homes which is why I began to think in addition to conquering paper piles is life organizing something that is also needed?

In my experience working with clients the mail piles up for 3 reasons

  1. They have automatic payments setup so they know the bill in being paid
  2. They don’t have time or energy to deal with it, still manage to remember to pay their bills on time or forgot and pay them past their due date incurring a late fee
  3. They may have been unemployed or on medical leave and didn’t feel like opening something at the time they didn’t have money to pay

My clients know I want to help them get beyond the piles. Following are strategies used to help clear those piles.

I have automatic payments so I really don’t need to open my bills it gets paid.  Actually you should open your bills and statements to ensure they are accurate.  I once was charged twice for a purchase on my credit card bill. If I had not reviewed my statement I would have never known. Make it a habit to review your statements every month.

I am so tired when I return home and have so much to do, I will open it eventually. When you do finally sit down and  look at the pile in front of you, you become overwhelm and yet again decide to do it another day.  Unfortunately you may have missed the pay by date and incur late fees on a bill that you had money to pay.  A worst case occurred when a woman returned home getting ready to hang out with friends found her electric was shut off.  Not because she didn’t have the money because she did not take time to review any of her bills or pay them. Set-up automatic payments, reminders and discipline yourself to open mail.

I don’t have the money to pay it so I will just put it aside until I do.  Years ago when I first started my business I needed major surgery on my back. My recovery was longer than I expected and the bills began to pile up. I felt sorry for myself and was so afraid to look at the bill let alone open it. One day I get it together and opened every bill then created a spreadsheet of what I owed.  This worked to my advantage as I began paying them off. I noticed there was a $100 difference between what I owed and the amount on the statement I received.  I forwarded my Excel Spreadsheet along with a letter and the company readjusted the statement in my favor. Money saved. When you are open and honest about your current situation most companies are willing to work with you and in my situation being organized paid.

Whether you have payments automatically deducted or you prefer receiving your bills so you can pay them yourself, schedule time regularly to review debits and payments to maintain control of your money and keep your financial house in order.

Have you decided this is the year to get your financial paperwork organized? If yes I would love to hear from you.  If you need support with how to organize that paperwork and maintain order check out my Get My Life Totally Organized Group that was created as safe place where you can post questions, photos and videos of your organizing challenges and receive strategies that will help you get your life in order.