I am the author of the book 101 Secrets to Living an Organized Life.  I have additionally authored a series of e-books that stir and motivate the unorganized to become clear on what it takes to live an organized life.  

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I have written articles for:

  1. Philadelphia Style
  2. Solutions at Home
  3. Homes of Color

….and many other publications


Here are some of the reviews I have received from eBooks I wrote.


Home Free Of Clutter-Ann Skillton

“Unclutter your home with the most practical, efficient way using this tiny concise e-book from the organizing guru, Janet Taylor.  Download this e-book, put it together with a small ring so the pages are easily turned, put it in the basket with your cleaning supplies so that it is easy to refer to and it will revolutionize your spring cleaning!  The beauty of Janet’s e-books  is, they work!  This is the perfect companion for you as you help your house or apartment become a cozy, organized, efficient home!  It is a supermodel for the busy man or woman who has little time to clean, but must!  Try it!  You will not believe such a tiny book can help give you back so much of your time for leisure activities.”

Ann Skilton, a Philly grandmother and busy quilter living in an apartment.


Conquering The Paper Clutter-Michelle Mitchell Day

This ebook, Conquering the paper clutter, gives you the right tools and advice to get organized, if you want to. Everything is laid out in detail and step by step.  Janet is very passionate about what she does and knows her craft well.  She certainly has helped me in my personal and business organizing.  This book is essential for getting and staying organized. I’m proud to have her in my circle.

Michelle Mitchell Day, Ladybug Marketing Consultants


Small Office-Home Office Organizing-Steve LaBroi

Janet Taylor, the mistress of organizing this ebook is spot on with the tips as she gives them to me as her client of about 11 years.  Janet has always set the force in my small office/home office.  i have been working from home since 1992 (ATT moved us all home) and did not know how to establish a home office.  Since meeting Janet she has transformed and taught me how to think when it comes to managing my home office.  It is a living and breathing entity, where paper and things move freely to maintain a productive work flow.  Then ultimately they move out as they are outdated or have no place anymore in my productive life.  I have learned when to move things out of my office creating space for new things.  This as only Janet can teach you by sharing her tips and direct statements on organizing.  We all have some gifts, however we all need to be organized.

Love you Janet, keep doing what you doing..

Steven LaBroi, Entrepreneur