Bringing Order To Your Workspace

Bringing Order To Your Workspace

By on Dec 5, 2016 | 0 comments

Sales goals, emails and bills are one of many things we focus on when working in our office. As this year comes to an end following are 15 things you can do to bring order to your workspace.

Get rid of the junk

  1. Holiday Cards from 2015, 2014, 2013…
  2. Old marketing materials and business cards
  3. Empty pens and broken pencils
  4. Ink cartridges. The next time you pass the recycling center or office supply store get rid of them
  5. Tote bags from conferences full of stuff you will never use

Create systems

  1. Paperwork – create either a digital filing system in the cloud or a paper one in a filing cabinet
  2. Receipts –scan, place in an envelope or file folder clearly labeled until you have the time to process them
  3. Publications/resources – for information you must keep use a magazine file
  4. Electronic accessories- place in a clearly labeled container so you can easily access them
  5. Supplies- create a space in your office to keep supplies which will make it easier to locate and you will know what you have in stock saving money by not making unnecessary purchases.

Maintaining order

  1. Open the mail by the wastebasket.
  2. Schedule time weekly to go through your in-basket
  3. Schedule time weekly to scan , upload and file documents
  4. Set aside time weekly to plan for the next week. This will help you stay focused and on target.
  5. Clear your desk at the end of your work day so when you return you can focus on your to-do list and not the piles stacked in from of you.

What will you focus on in your workspace to create order? I would love for you to share. Please leave a comment below. If you are looking for help creating order in your office contact me so I can help you get organized.