Creating A Life You Love

Creating A Life You Love

By on Feb 13, 2017 | 0 comments

Facebook, Instragram and Pinterest provide us with visuals to a life that can sometimes seem out of reach, or is it? I believe with a vision and good plan along with coaches and mentors we can all create a life we love.  That is why I decided this month before we reach the 2nd quarter to sit down with a life coach. In this blog I interviewed Latoya  Rattery, Life Coach as she shares how we can create a life we love.

Janet– What made you become a Life Coach?

Latoya– It all began with serving in a women’s empowerment organization in college along with volunteering with off campus services such as non-profit organizations doing service projects.  My passion for serving others increased as I began to take on different career options such as a nursing assisting, life skills facilitation, substitute teaching , and case management  just to name a few. I began to realize that people are looking for real solutions, and very few are getting results. During my time in coaching academy I started to develop learning models to be used as “people tools” which I began to apply to my own life. Before the program was over I leaped into a great venture to start a company that focuses on personal, professional, and spiritual growth entitle It’s In Your Hands, Inc..  Our mission is to assist individuals with creating innovative solutions for their personal, professional, and spiritual life.

Janet-Just in case people don’t know what are signs that you don’t love your life?

Latoya-Three signs that are apparent is the lack of self-care, excuses, and not knowing your worth. First, lack of self-care indicates you don’t care about your mind, body, and spirit. We can’t navigate through life without attending to ourselves first and expect to live longer and fulfilling life. Second, making or giving excuses which could be derived from unforgiveness, past issues and our current situations. Third, not knowing your self-worth, without a true understanding of who you are its hard to love your life and to live happy.

Janet-What are some things we can do to begin to create a life we love?

Latoya-Life is a journey that consists of several pathways to get to a place of self-fulfillment, and to create a life that you love it starts with living it intentionally. To create a life you love you must live it by design or your life will be in default.  One of the very first steps that you must take before you get started on living your best life now is to do what I call a P.R.E.T.T.Y inspection.  This a life/ reflection assessment that can be used to see where one stands in their different life areas i.e personal happiness, love life, health, career etc.

Janet-Are there things you do daily to create a life you love?

Latoya-Yes & Yes! I live my life by design.  I am an international planner because my goal is to live intentionally. I am passionate about lifestyle because I truly believe that life is given, but your style is created. I know what it means to live an inactive lifestyle. As a coach I apply self-directive coaching to myself by using creative growth approaches for each area of my life that I value the most.  For example, 2017 is a year of bigger and better for me personally. It’s my “Flight Year” which means it’s a year of faith, family, fun, financial freedom, fitness, and simply being fabulous. I personalize each area and make it my own such as my healthy journey in which I am currently sharing on social media platforms. My well-fit life is short for wellness and fitness as I apply the 80/20 rule which means 80% nutrition and 20% Fitness Plan. Each week or month I am sharing creative growth techniques such as themed meal preps, social cardio, park, and backyard challenges etc. As a result I have lost over twenty pounds and the journey has become a lifestyle.
Janet-How can people connect with you?

Latoya-People can connect with me on instagram @lifestylecoachlatoya Blog Site Website

Check out my podcast interview with Latoya.

After reading this blog or listening to the podcast have you decided to create a life you love by getting organized?  If you have I would love for you to share, please leave a comment below. Invest in creating an organized life in 2017 by joining me in my Private Group- Get My Life Totally Organized so I can help you conquer your clutter, get organized and live an organized life.