Declaring War On The Mail

Declaring War On The Mail

By on Aug 4, 2014 | 0 comments

After working with clients over the years helping them conquer paper clutter, I have discovered that one reason behind the piles in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and other areas is putting mail aside to deal with later.  Schedules get full and family obligations take top priority so opening mail especially junk mail at the end of a long day is put aside to deal with when it gets out of control.

I want to help you conquer those piles so following are 10 simple strategies to help you win the battle and conquer the piles in your home and life.

Step1: Discard junk mail immediately. Stand next to the trash can or shredder when you first sort mail. This will reduce the amount of mail you sort later.

Step 2: Select one location to place your incoming mail (kitchen, home office).  Also establish one area in your home that will be the “Pile Free Zone” the place where no mail will be placed like the bedroom.  This will eliminate piles throughout your home.

Step 3: Sort mail in categories (Bills, Magazines, Events) or by person (Mom, Dad, Kids).  One client a family of seven sorted incoming mail by members of the family which made it easier for the college student to collect his mail when he returned home for visits.

Step 4: Choose a specific time to process the mail that fits your schedule (Thursday evenings from 7-8pm).

Step 5: Process remaining mail by the trashcan and have a shredder handy discarding envelopes and inserts that are not needed. Shred everything with personal account information.

Step 6: Establish a container to place catalogs and magazines that will be set aside to read later. Don’t let the stack of reading material get too high.  If you have not read something in a month or two it may be time to discard it.  Also consider subscribing to a digital version of the publication to reduce the piles.

Step 7:  Always check statements for accuracy and monitor for any unauthorized activity.  I once noticed that I was charged twice for a product I purchased at a conference.

Step 8: File Statements, receipts and other correspondence once processed.  To reduce paper piles consider receiving statements online.

Step 9: Reduce the amount of unwanted mail by visiting the Direct Marketing website to remove your name from mailing lists.

Step 10: Schedule time weekly to repeat Steps 2 thru 8.

After reading this blog share how you declared war on your piles of mail and email me your photos of your progress I love hearing from you.

Until next time… have a clutter free day!