Declaring Your Independence From Clutter

Declaring Your Independence From Clutter

By on Jul 4, 2017 | 0 comments

For the past several months I have been evaluating my space and what I really needed so as I prepare for another move I decided it was time for me to downsize. So I started with my walk-in closet. This meant that I would have to deal with my own stuff and get rid of items some of which has been in my life forever. Following are the items I am letting go.

The I Am Emotionally Attached To Stuff-I started with my Mother’s jewelry box which was not that hard since it was probably over 60 years old and was falling apart. For years I kept telling myself I would take it on as a DIY project and bring new life to it.  That never happened and I know it never will, so out it went.  Next it was the contents the jewelry.  I laid everything out on the bed of course it brought back memories of me as a child playing dress up.  I will always have those memories but never be able to wear those earrings that pinched my ears even as a child.  I gathered the pieces I will keep and the rest I will sell online.

The I Never Used Stuff – I still can’t believe I have had a cutting board for over 7 years and never used it.  There I made my confession as a professional organizer.  I know I kept it because it was stacked so nicely with the others on my countertop making my kitchen looked oh so organized.  Well the truth is that it was so large I never found a use for it so I finally decided it was time to go.  Since I had owned it for such a long time I did not feel comfortable donating it to a charity so I let friends know it was available and one of them said they needed one. So I am happy it has a new home.

The I No Longer Have Room For Stuff– Until a few months ago I owned a 7 ft Christmas Tree and all the decorations needed to make it beautiful.  Last Christmas after pulling everything out and pacing myself to decorate it I finally realized that it took up half of my closet space.  Also I was exhausted after decorating it and dreaded thinking of the strength needed to take it down.  This tree would be perfect if I had a larger home but I don’t and I am just as happy placing decorations throughout my home during the Christmas holiday without a tree so I donated it.

The I Made Some Not So Good Decisions Stuff-The final items I decided to tackle where boxes of papers I had archived in my closet.  My goal was to get rid of at least one of the 3 boxes.  I was successful but it was an interesting emotional journey going down my past. Those boxes contained all of my business stuff so I took a deep breath and got started.  I tossed proposals that were never approved, contracts from consultants that did not work out, and documents from those clients that were not easy to work with.  All those papers went straight to the shredding box.  Boy did it feel good to release all that bad energy taking up space in my home.

Getting rid of my stuff had me on an emotional roller coaster but it was a ride I am glad I took.  I know that once I am settled in my new space I will be surrounded by things I use and love and that will make this organizer very happy.

After reading this blog is there something cluttering your home or life you need to declare your independence from?  Is it the cards from the ex’s, the bills and collection letters that have been paid off or the things you will never use or wear? If yes I would love for you to share, please leave a comment below. If you feel you need a little nudge from a support group who is also declaring their independence join me in my Private Facebook Group- Get My Life Totally Organized so together we can help you conquer your clutter and get organized.