Do I really need this?

Do I really need this?

By on Aug 13, 2017 | 0 comments

I moved last month and it was an exhausting experience, one that I hope I will never have to relive again at least not anytime in the near future. Janet’s plan was to move into her new home, take a couple of days to set-up and get on with life as usual.  Well that didn’t happen and I had to put my stuff in storage.  I can’t begin to explain how I felt when I had to lock up my stuff until my new place was ready.  It is a feeling I will never forget and know that someday soon I will share with others what it felt like to stand in front of everything you own and wonder how did I accumulate this much stuff?  Following are a few items I know I will be eliminating from my life.

The clothes that don’t fit right-I believe most people have the experience of putting on an outfit and then wondering why you are still holding onto it especially if it does not fit or you no longer feel good wearing it.  I own one too many pieces like that, the first that comes to mind my are the pink casual knit Capri pants that no longer have a drawer string so they keep falling down and my New York shirt that I love unfortunately the letters one by one are coming off. Those items are on my toss list.

The too many – Over the past several years I chose to live in a space with one bedroom so as I think of the things I own, why do I have five vases?  That may not seem like a lot to you but when you are living in a small space every inch of storage counts especially when you will no longer have a walk-in storage closet.  I understand the reasons why I am keeping those five vases and they are sentimental reasons.  When I was given a bouquet of beautiful flowers I found it hard to get rid of the vase.  Now that I am thinking differently about my stuff, two of those vases will be going.

The why did I buy this? – A few years ago I purchased a pan especially to cook my chicken.  Like many before me I saw it and needed to have it because it would help me perfect my culinary skills.  Well I used it twice.  Did I really need it? No.  Will I use it in the future, probably not, which means I no longer need to keep it so out it must go.

The I no longer need-As I type this newsletter there is at least one handbag and several pairs of shoes I no longer need.  The handbag I stopped using because the essential items I like to carry with me will not fit and since the shoes have a heel and I like a more comfortable shoe I will not be wearing them so out they go.

Letting go of my stuff was not the journey I had expected after I packed everything but with any major change in life you can either resist or embrace.  I chose to embrace this new way of thinking and living as each day I work to live an organized life and I will keep you in the loop as I continue on my own personal journey.

After reading this blog is there something that came to mind that you can let go?  I would not be surprise if there are items in your home that no longer fit you or your lifestyle. If you can think of an item or two, I would love for you to share, please leave a comment below. If you feel you need a little nudge from a support group who is also getting rid of stuff in their home and life  join me in my Private Facebook Group- Get My Life Totally Organized so together we can help you conquer your clutter and get organized.