Establishing Routines

Establishing Routines

By on Oct 3, 2016 | 0 comments

As we move into a new season and the last quarter of the year I wanted to provide you with some simple strategies that have helped me, my clients and successful people around the world. The strategy is establishing a regular routine. Routines helps you better manage your life. Following are routines if established can help you reduce stress, and increase your productivity and well being.

The Evenings-It starts the night before
1) Take a few minutes to transition from the workplace to your home. For me it is taking off my shoes and feeling the carpet beneath my feet. It signals my body that we are home
2) Eat a balanced meal. I would come home tired and grab something that was not healthy. I started prepping meals once a week the result is healthier eating and saving money.
3) Prepare for the next day by picking out your clothes, packing your tote and handbag, prepare your meals (this step can be eliminated with weekly meal prep).
4) Establish a location for your keys.
5) Do a nightly brain dump, to get the next day’s to-list out of your head. If I don’t write my list down I will not fall asleep because I am afraid I will forget.
6) Shut off the technology which includes the television, tablet, computer and cell phone.
7) Take at least 30 minutes to relax and be still before falling asleep. Don’t end your day watching the news.
8) Get a good night’s sleep.

The Mornings-They can be smooth
1) Wake up grateful. I am grateful for seeing, hearing, speaking, having a bed to sleep in (you can list your own).
2) Spend at least 30 minutes praying, meditating or reading something inspirational. I have added listening to inspirational music and motivational videos. Don’t start your day watching the news.
3) Exercise, move your body, stretch, go to the gym or do whatever your doctor has advised for you.
4) Get dressed. This should be easy since you planned your outfit the night before.
5) Eat breakfast and afterwards grab your lunch and healthy snacks.
6) Grab your bag/tote/backpack, coat and keys.
7) Head out the door with a smile ready to take the day head on.

Be sure to check out my podcast where I share why I started using routines in my life.

Did you have a routine or are you using one listed above? I would love to hear what has or hasn’t worked for you. If you need help getting started check out my Virtual Organizing Services so I can help you clear the clutter and get organized this year.