Freedom From The Chaos!

Freedom From The Chaos!

By on Jun 30, 2014 | 0 comments

You wake up and it is there staring you in the face, as you leave your home you have to pass by it before you lock your front door.  It is in your car, at the office and at times it seems to be everywhere you go.  What is it?  Clutter!    With six months now behind you there is still time to free yourself from the plies in your life, so let’s get started.  Following are some very simple strategies to help you:

Don’t’ be afraid to go through the box. One of my clients recently stated that “I have nothing to fear by going through the box”  and she was correct.  As we where clearing out her basement all of the paperwork in that boxes could be trashed.  What boxes and containers are you holding onto that you have not touched in 2 or more years?  I think it is time to build up some courage, get the trash bags and even shredder ready to tackle those boxes and containers head on  that you have been avoiding.

Throw things out. We cannot keep everything even though we try.  I was once called in on a project where a woman moved from a 3 bedroom house into a 1 bedroom senior citizens apartment and brought everything with her.  To this day I am still amazed at what I saw, unfortunately she did not want to let go of anything and I had to inform her sister that I could not work with her.  I did recently complete a project with a client where we tackled 4 areas of her life.  I basically gathered the piles and boxes my client went through them and without thinking too hard she decided to keep or let go.  After working on those areas she only kept 3 boxes of paperwork which is a great accomplishment.    My simple suggestion to you is that if something is broken and you can’t fix it or repurpose it in any way then you need to toss it.  When it comes to clothes, if you can’t fit it anymore clear up space in your closet for the clothes you do wear and donate the items. Last when it comes to the paperwork decide if you really need to keep it and if you do consider scanning it so it will take up less space.

Stick to a list when you do shopping.  I learned how to keep a running shopping list from my Mother.  She would post hers on the refrigerator I keep mine on my desk.  When I run out of an item it goes on the list and can be everything from food items, personal care items and even potting soil for my plants. I find it will eliminate you from buying items you don’t need and stock piling items in your home when you don’t have the space.  I do believe in buying in bulk but as we all know there will always be a sale on paper towels.  So buying 2, 3 or more large packages can be excessive and take up space for other items you need.

Put things away-I believe that if we just pick things up off the floor we would see immediate results. So the next time you come home hang up your coat and decide on a location for your purse, tote or briefcase so it does not end up on the floor.  Doing something as simple as placing your shoes by the closet door, then putting them away at the end of the week, will clear your floor space. Last when you do shopping take everything out of the bags and put items away.

Enjoy the clear path-Once you have done one or all of the suggestions above I want you to take a moment and enjoy what you have accomplished.  Experience how great it feels not to see a pile by the door or on the floor.  Most of all think of how great it will feel when the doorbell rings and you no longer are embarrassed to answer it.

After reading this blog share your solution on how broke yourself free from the clutter in your life. If you still feel you need some help, sign up for the JMT Summer Organizing Camp 2014 which is a FREE course to help you get organized all Summer long. Register today

Until next time… have a clutter free day!