Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done

By on Aug 31, 2018 | 0 comments

We are surrounded by lists. Some are on our devices others are scribbled on pieces of papers.  The problem is not the list it is in planning time to get things done.  Following are 4 simple ways to go from feeling overwhelmed to finishing the project or task.

Decide on the project or task– What do you need to get done? A craft project? Work project? Organizing project? Whatever your project decide which one is important or is due first.  For example maybe you have a project at work that is due in 60 days and a craft project that is due in 30.  I would suggest you get the craft project completed and then move to the work project and focus all your energies on completing that.

Give yourself a deadline– You are moving and according to your calculations  you have 90 days to prepare for the big day.  Moving can be very stressful but with planning it does not have to be.  I always suggest to clients to set their moving prep deadline at least 7 days before the actual move date. This will give them the extra time( should they need it ) to handle the unexpected things that may occur.

Create a timeline with tasks and incorporate into your schedule– You are excited because you are finally getting your dream kitchen and renovations start in 30 days. Now is time for your to get yourself and your home ready for the project and you do that by sitting down and creating a list of tasks with a timeline of things that needs to be done.  This will make you more in control of your time and project. For example:

  1. Create space in basement to store items from cabinets- 30 days before
  2. Create mini kitchen in dining room-21 days before
  3. Purchasing packing supplies-21 days before
  4. Remove contents from cabinets and pack- 14 days before ( gives you time so you don’t have to rush)
  5. Contact organization to donate old cabinets-Schedule pick day cabinets will be removed

Do it -Last and final step is just do it.  With proper planning and scheduling time to get things done it will reduce the stress and anxiety you feel whenever you have to add a project or tasks to your to-do list.

What do you need to get done? Is it a project for work or at home? Please share. If you feel you need assistance or help with your project schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation by clicking this link so I can help you on your journey to living an organized life.