It Is Time To Clear The Chaos!

It Is Time To Clear The Chaos!

By on Jun 29, 2018 | 0 comments

I believe that in order to live an organized life, we need to purge more than twice a year. I spoke with someone who shared they purge their closet monthly. I purge whenever I feel that my things are taking over my space and life. What about you?

Following are a few steps that you can use when you decide it is time to clear the chaos from your life.

Step 1. Decide what you want to organize. Recently a friend shared that every time she went in her closet she felt as if she was suffocating so her focus was her closet. Another friend shared that her home office made her want to run so that is where she focused her energies. What area makes you the most uncomfortable or causes you stress?  When that area or space comes to mind, start there.

Step 2. Schedule time for your project. Once you decide what you need to organize schedule time to do it. I would suggest you block off at least a couple of hours maybe more.  When scheduling time remember you will need to clear the area, possibly clean the area, sort items then put them back.  This does not need to happen in one day. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Pace yourself and do a little at a time.

Step 3. Get the supplies for your project. I always advise my clients that before they go out and buy products to purge first. I recently decided to reorganize my handbags and everything I needed I already had.  I saved myself time by not having to shop and money by not spending any.

Step 4. Do it. Get up, get ready and do it. If you need assistance from family, friends or an organizer don’t hesitate to ask for it. It may be one of the best investments you make.

Step 5. Remember the maintenance. Maintenance is key. It could be as simple as when you buy something new to get rid of an item or always making sure that you put things back where they belong. Also don’t wait until the season changes to organize. When you feel the need to get order in your home and life, follow the above steps to keep the clutter way.

If you want a strategy on how you can conquer those piles schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation by clicking this link so I can help you on your journey to living an organized life.