Life Management… Lessons From My Dad

Life Management… Lessons From My Dad

By on Jun 3, 2018 | 0 comments

The image above reminds me of a fishing trip my Dad and I took many years ago. That was before cell phones so I was not able to capture our moment in a photo. Along with those times I do remember all the life lessons Dad taught me. I will admit most of the time I wanted to do something else instead like play but I sat patiently as my Dad showed me everything from the importance of the check book registry entries to how to put things together. The last lesson has been invaluable as an organizer for over 24 years. What life lesson has your Dad taught you? I would love for you to share. Following are a few of the lessons I learned and still use today.

1-Account for every penny– One morning many years ago, my Dad gave me his old checks (he was changing banks) and registries to play with. He sat down and shared how checking accounts work and the importance of documenting all the transactions that occur and the importance of knowing your account balance. To this day I set aside time monthly to reconcile my accounts and if I am off by a penny I will figure out the problem so everything settles. I have used these lessons when working with clients stressing the importance of either opening those bank statements or reviewing them online to ensure they reconcile each month.

2-Lateness is not an excuse-My Dad did not like to be late. He always arrived just a bit early to find the location (that was when we were still using maps), parking and the room where the event will be held.  To this day I manage my time to ensure that I arrive on time.  It is my way of respecting the person I am meeting with time.  I recently learned that a colleague and I had the same experience when meeting someone.  They are always at least an hour behind schedule.  You read it right an hour behind schedule.  Both of us decided that we will not be meeting this person again.

3-There is always a bargain with your name on it– During my teenage years my Dad showed me how to shop for designer clothes on a budget. That was during the time when Gloria Vanderbilt and Sergio Valente jeans were popular. He took me to outlet stores, found the sales and the best places to buy clothes that fit my small frame. When he wanted to take me shopping I was always ready. Years later I decided to study Fashion and received a degree in Fashion Merchandising. As a result of that life lesson no matter what I buy from clothes to technology to appliances I have learned to be patient, do comparative shopping and stay within my budget.

4-Always make time for fun– One Saturday morning just the two us left early to go deep sea fishing. Boy did I have fun. He caught 3 fish and the ride coming and going was just us two talking about life. I miss those days. I also remember stopping for donuts for our early morning breakfast. That was the first and unfortunately the last time I went fishing with him. It was over 40 years ago but the memories feel like yesterday. I have not gone fishing lately but I make sure I regularly take time out to spend time with people I love and have fun. Thanks Dad!

Has this blog made you think about the life lessons you learned and the fun times you have had with your Dad? Or maybe the clutter in his home and life are coming to mind? If you think Dad could use a little organizing help. Head over to my page and let me know if you want a session or two to get him moving in the right direction.