Life Strategy Session with Janet

Life Strategy Session with Janet



Chaos can easily creep into our lives and can remain an active part for way longer then we should allow.   Over the past 20 years as a professional organizer and life organizer, some of the clients that I’ve worked with,  started out believing that the struggles they were having were only with organization of their homes and offices.  They soon discovered that those problems were directly linked to other issues that they were having in their lives.  I designed these  strategy sessions based on how I’ve helped many clients on a one-on-one basis, address those pesky troubled areas that may exist.  I will walk you through implementing  easy solutions to help you better manage the disorganized areas of life with the firm, yet gentle approach that will move you for totally chaotic to TOTALLY ORGANIZED.

These sessions will address your personal/home life as well as your business/work life so that a streamlined,  strategy is developed for a greater syncopation to your everyday living.


These sessions are designed for you if ;

  • You have trouble managing multiple projects because of disorganization in your work or home office
  • You’re holding on to items at home or work longer then you should
  • You have failed to reach your goals for the past few years and you’re wondering if you should even set goals again
  • Your office work is suffering because your home life is disorganized
  • You have issues with being late more often then you want to admit
  • Your family and social life is suffering because of your cluttered space
  • You want to move because you hate your current space

Do any of this situations describe you?

Here’s how a Life Strategy Session with me will help you become more successful and organized.

Your session with me will include:

• Analysis of living space, office and life
• Discussion on a plan that will create the desired outcome
• Implementation of weekly tasks to accomplish goals
• Recommended and trusted resources (products and information) to assist in the process
• Developing short and long term plan to maintain desired results.


In the weekly sessions, we will uncover solutions for some of the following areas:

Identifying & Eliminating Time Suckers

  • You’re constantly late  for work or running behind for appointments.  We will work to discover those things that challenge you in this area and prepare you to be ahead of time and not behind

Maximizing Usage of Your Space

  • You may not need a larger house or office.  You may just need to develop creative ways to construct your current space and environment to bring a more peaceful,  calmer area that will allow you to function with greater efficiency.

Working Through the Tough Decisions to LET GO

  • Walking through the process of finally releasing those unused and unnecessary items that are contributing to the clutter in your life can be difficult.  I will walk you through this process in a way that won’t leave you with regret for taking back your power over your life and space.

Discover How to Love Your Space Again

Before working with me, many of my clients considered moving into a new space.  It has been one of my great joys to have helped so many discover how to fall in love with where they are all over again before having to pack up and move into some place that they won’t like again in another year or two.  I will help you re-purpose, re-organize and remain in your space with a new outlook and love for where you are on the way to where you are going.


You have the option of meeting  one of 2 convenient ways

  • Conference Call
  • Video Chat

Working with me in these strategy sessions will help you recognized that the path to being Totally Organized  requires both mental and physical work, but it will be well worth it to bring you to a place of great peace and stability in your LIFE.



Read what our clients have to say


I am once again thanking you for all of your help in getting me organized. Because of your inspiration, I have cleared out a lot of clutter — not completely done but I it is beginning to look very pleasing to the eye. I had family member clothes, papers, boxes, etc. and am still trashing weekly. I am going to get new carpet in my entire house, a new re-glazed tub and will also get a new book shelf that can accommodate my many books that I refuse to part with -most of them are authors such as Deepak Chopra, Rick Warren, Cindy Trimm, Iyanla Vanzant, Terri McMillan, Wayne Dwyer and a host of many other positive and inspirational writers. Although I have a nook, I still like the authentic feel of a book from time to time 🙂        Nina R.


I have to tell you how helpful your advice and information is to me. I truly do not know why it is so easy to accumulate papers and old catalogs, and just stuff. But God gave me a vision for cleaning up our garage earlier this year, and it looks great. I should have taken a BEFORE picture so you can see the true transformation of the AFTER picture. But it looks great! I thanked God first, but want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU to you as well for your part in this! The information from your email newsletter and that garnered from the Mission Organization, program on HGTV, were a tremendous help. God gave me the strength to do it. I was like a women focused and determined to get the job done, and the results were even better than I envisioned, but then that is how God works, amazingly! May the blessings of God continue to permeate through you and your business, always!      Paulette T.


Janet has a great personality. She’s wonderful to work with and offers very wise counsel. She makes easy-to-apply suggestions with no guilt tripping. Janet has excellent follow-up skills as well. I highly recommend her organization.      Shawn, Pennsylvania



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