Living Your Best Life By Getting Organized Now

Living Your Best Life By Getting Organized Now

By on Sep 4, 2018 | 0 comments

In a little over 3 months we will be celebrating a new year. I decided a few years ago to celebrate my new year on the day I was born. What about you do you wait until January 1st to start planning your new year? Why not get an early start on organizing and use the following simple tips to give yourself a jump start so you can live your best life now.

Learn To Let Go-We have too much stuff.  80% of the stuff we keep we never touch again.  Regularly ask yourself these questions as you walk through your home:

  1. Do I love the item? Years ago I use to have this big comfortable chair in my office and one day while doing a massive cleaning I removed it and was in awe of the amount of space it took up. I realized I loved my space more than the chair so out it went.
  2. Do you use it? I once purchased a set of 3 cutting boards. I use the small and medium board but the large one was too large and I never used it. After years of just sitting on my counter stacked with the others I decided it was time to let it go. Even though I never used it I did not feel like it was something I could donate. One day I was hosting a Periscope and mentioned I was letting it go a friend was watching and she stated she was interested so it now has a good home.

I believe that when we let go of stuff that has outlived its usefulness in our lives that we make room in our lives for new opportunities, relationships and happiness.

Create systems– One of the keys to organization is that when you file or store an item is that you can find it the first time you look.   For paperwork and information that means filing it so you will remember it ( bank statements, car maintenance, home repair bills).

For other items place them in or near the space they belong (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen) and from there decide where the items will go (drawer, shelf, closet or other storage within the room).

Be sure to create systems by all the entrances in your home so that shoes, paper and even your keys have a place to go.

Do weekly maintenance. Incorporate weekly maintenance into your schedule to keep piles from accumulating. This should include recycling, filing/scanning and shredding. Doing these simple tasks will help you keep those paper piles clear.

What do you want to accomplish this year? Is it a project for work or at home? Please share.  If you feel you need assistance or help with getting your project done by the end of this year schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation by clicking this link so I can help you on your journey to living an organized life.