Making Time For You

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As we celebrate Mother’s Day I always like to take time out to share ways women can take better care of themselves.  I had the opportunity to interview my friend and fellow business woman Ola Jackson and following she shares ways we can begin to be ourselves and self care at the top of our list

JanetWhat made you decide to have the At My Age Conference?

Ola: I kept hearing women talk about what they can’t or won’t do due to their age. Usually these were women over 50. I wanted to find a way to convince women that age should not stop them.  I wanted them to know that the more they stayed in that mindset, the more they were creating an obstacle that would eventually deter them from moving forward.

Janet:  What areas do you see business and professional women neglect when it come to taking care of themselves and their lives?

Ola:  Not taking the time and not knowing what to do to engage in self-care practices. Women have told me that they simply don’t have the time to do the things they want to do; yet will spend that time helping someone else. They don’t seem to think that they deserve to take time due to the fact that they feel guilty.

They also feel an obligation and a responsibility to help someone else even if they don’t want to; or simply don’t feel like it.

Then the questions of, “What can I do for myself” Those ideas of what to do is an issue. Also, women associate doing something for themselves with spending too much money to fulfill themselves. That’s where our blog comes in.

Our Your Stylish Ways incorporates lifestyle information infused with life’s care information.

Janet:  What should every woman do to take care of herself no matter what her age?

Ola:  Start each day by doing something for themselves. It could be something as simple as three minutes of meditation, 5 minutes of stretching, reading an affirmation or a verse out of the bible. Focus on their needs and know that they deserve to be treated well and not wait for someone else to provide their wants or desires.

Make a list of the three major things that they would like to do for themselves. Make a plan to make it happen. Start saying, “No” more often. Know that the people you say “No” to will survive without us. Also, stop letting people worry them so much.

Prioritize your request from other people, and don’t let people take advantage of you.

Janet:  What are some things you do to take care of Ola?

 Ola: I

  1. Meditate, I start each day by simple focusing and listening from within.
  2. Work out no less than 3 days a week, I reap the benefits of using exercise to relieve stress, plus getting fit and monitoring my weight. It has gone from a challenge to a lifestyle habit.
  3. Remove people from your life. People can be a major cause of stress. You simply have to let go and move on.
  4. Let go of what isn’t working. Whether it is a business, a job, a situation or a person; holding on to something that isn’t working can wear us out.

Janet:  Please share with the listeners information about the Your Stylish Ways Blog

Ola:  Started out as a fashion blog, that grew into a lifestyle brand, now we have infused self-care in our fashion and lifestyle stories.

We write about everything from shopping, cooking, travel and entertaining, yet all of these story include information on how you can incorporate self-care in to all of these activities.

Janet:  How can listeners get in touch with you?

Ola: I would love the opportunity to share a much needed message to women to inspire them to take charge of their lives, and chose self-care as a lifestyle choice. I can be reached at: 412-731-5159.

After reading this blog what will you do to take care of yourself?  I would love for you to share what you will be doing, please leave a comment below. Be sure to listen to my interview with Ola Jackson on my podcast Got Clutter? Get Organized!