Organized Living 101

Organized Living 101

By on Dec 23, 2018 | 0 comments

The month of January is designated as Get Organized Month.  The new year is a great time to sit down and decide on the areas you want to tackle and develop a plan to get it done.  To get you started I am sharing the benefits of organizing a specific area in your home and a strategy to tackle those piles. I believe this will motivate as well as positively impact your life as you create a home and space that is clutter free. So let’s get started on your journey to living an organized life.


Benefit– When your entrance is organized you reduce stress and eliminate frustration because you find items faster as you are heading out the door.

Organizing Strategy– Establish a place for your keys, purse and shoes if you remove them upon entering your home.  Also make sure the coat closet only has items that are used.


Benefit-When your kitchen and pantry are organized you don’t waste food ( save money) because you forgot you purchased items that got lost on the shelf.

Organizing Strategy-Use cabinet organizers to maximize space and stack items to make them visible, label items and store like items ( baking, cereal, snacks) together.


Benefit– The benefit of an organized closet is that you can get dressed and coordinate your outfits faster because you will be able to see items better.

Organizing Strategy– Use slim hangers to maximize closet space and purge regularly.


Benefits-Do you know that when your bedroom is organized you will sleep better? Clutter does impact sleep and your health which is a reason why you should keep your bedroom organized.

Organizing Strategy-Make your bed every day and put items that you take out of drawers and the closet back.  Consider using a night table or a small bookcase for books you like to read.

Living room / Family Room

Benefits- You will have a place to entertain and relax especially after a long day.

Organizing Strategy-Create a place to store books (bookcase, shelves), remote controls ( small baskets) so you can find items.


Benefits- Create a space that is organized so you can get ready in minutes.

Organizing Strategy– Toss items you don’t use and use the back of the cabinet doors and the bathroom doors to store items.  Don’t forget under the sink organizers.


Benefits– Do you know that the more stuff you have in your trunk the more gas you use?

Organizing Strategy-Keep the trunk organized with emergency kit, tools and other essentials.  Keep the glove compartment organized too.

After reading this blog what area do you want to tackle so your life will be more organized? The bedroom, home office or living room? Please share.  If you are ready to get rid of stuff you don’t use so you can enjoy your home and space call and schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation by clicking this link so I can help you clear your clutter and get organized!