Organizing Mom

Organizing Mom

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Over the years I have seen my share of unorganized spaces so following are a few tips for anyone especially the Moms, Grandmothers, Aunts and women who are ready to have a space that is organized and clutter free.

The Bedroom

  • Spend time weekly putting clothes and shoes away that you will not be wearing
  • Keep the dresser clutter free by only placing items used frequently on top
  • Control clutter by the bedside by using a small bookcase or a side table with a shelf to place regular reading material
  • Regularly remove items from the bedroom that don’t belong

The Closet

  • Purge your closet regularly by only keeping clothes you wear and love
  • Once laundry is done put clothes away
  • Revaluate closet design needs to ensure you have enough space for clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.
  • Think outside the box when organizing jewelry ( jewelry bags, vertical space, decorative boxes)

The Kitchen

  • Toss expired food items
  • Organize items by category ( snacks, baking, beverages)
  • Donate duplicates and items you will never use
  • Use organizers to make items in the pantry and cabinet accessible

The Living Room

  • Organize chargers and accessories to equipment
  • Recycle read newspapers and magazines
  • Establish one location for incoming mail
  • Create a place to store all remote controls

The Paperwork

  • Purge files regularly and create a retention schedule
  • Organize and scan important documents
  • Toss expired warranties
  • Attend a shredding event ( check out the FREE event scheduled for May 25, 2019)

After reading this are you inspired to clear those piles?  Please share.  If you are ready to get your life organized check out my Power Keys Package by clicking this link so I can help you or your Mom on the journey to living an organized life.