Organizing The Taylor Family Photos

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Yes, I did it. I organized the Taylor family photos.  To me it seemed like a massive project which is why I would procrastinate each time I got started.  This time I plowed my way through the albums, envelopes and bags stuffed in the container.  Below I share my timeline so you can see how I worked my way through my project.

June 29th I tackled the large container. 

I began sorting the photos and once I did, I realized why I had procrastinated.  I found the following as I made my way to the bottom of the container:

Taylor Family Photos taken by my Mother

  • My Childhood Photos
  • Photos of my friends and their children
  • Miscellaneous items ( watercolor paintings by my Mother, programs from plays and a book on the Seven Wonders of the World)

Once the sorting was done I placed photos and items that were not part of the Taylor Family Photo Project back inside the container to be organized at another date.

I then began categorizing the photos I wanted to preserve which I then placed in the following piles

  • Negatives ( I was shocked that I had negatives of the photos some almost 70 years old)
  • Photos I wanted to copy to disk and give to family members
  • Negatives I could toss ( these were of photos my Mother took of her friends that I never met)


July 13th– Ordered product from Exposures Online.

July 20th -Received products and realized I ordered the wrong product

July 24th -Returned order

August 7th -Received notice that return had been received

August 8th -Received notice that replacement order was being shipped

August 13th -Received replacement order

August 18th -Sat on the floor,  put on my favorite channel and began the process of removing photos from old pages and placing them on new pages where they will be preserved.  I also ordered a special pen so I can identify photos.  As I was transferring the photos from the old album to the new pages I was surprised to find details which included date and location on the back of the photos.  I was able to list them on the new pages. 

Phase one of the project complete!

Just like you my project is not quite finished.  I still have the following Items to complete:

  • Purchase a binder to place pages.  Decided to purchase a large leather-bound binder with the family name embossed on the front.
  • Have the negatives developed.
  • Share negative and duplicate copies of photos with family.

I hope sharing how I worked through the project that I procrastinated on for years encourages you to get started on yours whether you are organizing photos, the closet or the junk drawer.   Remember as you work on one drawer, shelf or pile you are getting closer to conquering your clutter and getting organized.

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Until next time… have a clutter free day!

  • Juliet

    Dear Janet,

    Thank you for letting us in on your process/project! I want to do same –

    have you thought of scanning them all

    (next summer!) so all those to come can

    see some of the invaluable glimpses of history?

    In appreciation,

    • Janet M. Taylor


      Yes I have thought of scanning the photos and you are right that will be a project for next Summer. Now that they are more organized I can not scan photos of family members and not the photos my Mother took of her friends and the places she lived.

      Keep me posted on your project, I would love to hear about your progress.