101 Secrets To Living an Organized Life



One in four Americans stated they are dealing with piles. It is time to get organized.  “101 Secrets To Living An Organized Life” is a book that provides simple money and time saving tips to help busy women and men create a home, office and life that is clutter free.  Janet  has taken the time to view the difficulties we face as we attempt to move through the day. She has put together a variety of simple tips that will allow you to regain control of your day, week and life.


If  you are tired of the clutter in your home, office and life, and you need solutions to help you begin the organizing process  and continue to stay organized, then this book is a must. Order your copy TODAY!  Click here to read an excerpt from the book.

Available for Kindle


10steps10 Steps To Becoming Totally Organized-$9.95 Now only $5


10 Steps to help you set goals, manage your time, your paperwork and space.  Read this eBook to become more productive, efficient and in charge of your work, space and life.


GetOrganizedJobGetting Organized To Get The Job-$9.95 
Now only $5

For anyone who is unemployed or underemployed and wants to stay ahead in this job market this eBook is for you.  Tips to help you stay organized and focused during your search for employment and bonus tips include ways to stay organized after you get an offer.




HomeOfficeSetting Up And Organizing Your Small Office-Home Office$9.95  Now only $5

Overcome the challenges of running and managing a small office or home office by learning how to set-up the office, manage files and maintain order to focus your attention on running your business, family and life.




25tips25 Tips To Organizing Your Office- FREE when you sign up to our lists. 

25 Tips to help you maintain order in your office including tips to help you conquer the clutter so your focus will be on your tasks and projects and not the piles on your desk.




51tips51 Tips To Help You Market and Promote Your Business-$14.95  Now only $5

Janet shares tips she uses to market and promote her business which has resulted in national press coverage, regular radio interviews and segments on America’s most watched station HGTV.  Purchase this eBook and gain knowledge that will get exposure for you and your business.


conqueringPaperPilesConquering The Paper Piles In Your Home-$9.95  Now only $5

If you are tired of the paper piles in your home this eBook is a must.  Read step by step instructions on setting-up your filing systems, questions to ask when working through the piles and tips to maintain order.  Purchase this eBook so you can conquer the piles and regain your space.




Clutter-Free-HomeCreating A Clutter Free Home- $9.95   Now only $5

Written to compliment Janet’s Creating a Home Free of Clutter presentation, this eBook has 50 tips to help you regain order plus a bonus of 10 life organizing tips.  Read this eBook to learn how to organize it all.