Quick Tips To Organize Your Home This Spring

Quick Tips To Organize Your Home This Spring

By on Feb 25, 2018 | 0 comments

In a few days some of us will be celebrating a new season Spring and I can’t wait. This season brings warmer weather and later sunsets.  It also makes us think about Spring cleaning and those organizing projects we have postponed over the past few months.  Following are quick tips to help you organize those trouble spots to gain control of not only your space but your life.  Tackle one area at a time and before you know it your home and life with be organized. So let’s begin…

Closets– It is easy for a closet to become unorganized because all we have to do is close the door and forget about it. I am challenging you to open the door and be honest with yourself about what you use and don’t use that you have in your closet.

  1. Bedroom- Is your closet full of clothes you can’t or don’t wear while the clothes you wear and love hang outside the closet, are thrown across a chair or the banister in the hallway? If your response is yes then it is time to get rid of what you don’t use to make room for what you do.
  2. Linen-Are you wondering why you don’t have room for towels and bed linens after the laundry and therefore you find places throughout your home to pile them?   If this sounds familiar then it may be time to purge. We all have reasons for keeping towels that have out lived their use but they don’t need to take up space in your linen closet. Only keep what you currently use and remove the rest.
  3. Coat/Entry-Every season just like you do your clothes closet you need to purge the coat/entry closet. I recently pulled out my winter gear and I realized I have a head wrap I don’t wear anymore. I wore it when I had shorter hair. That was over 4 years ago and I don’t plan on a short style in the future so I will donate it along with a blue scarf.

Drawers– A drawer like any other place in your home needs a purpose. Once it has a purpose of what will be stored in it you can reduce the chances of it becoming a junk drawer. Just in case you were wondering a junk drawer is designated for the storage of various miscellaneous, small, occasionally useful items of little value according to Wiktionary. Most drawers need to be purged and following are a few suggestions to get you started

  1. Place receipts in a envelope or scan
  2. Use magazine boxes to store menus
  3. Store cords and chargers in a container
  4. Keep all batteries stored together and when replacing them toss them in the trash
  5. Keep a few pens and pencils handy in the drawer

Countertops and Surfaces- It is convenient when you come home to lay things on countertops and surfaces to deal with later. The problem comes when each time you look at the pile and decide to do it later until you become overwhelmed with the amount that has accumulated and you don’t know where to start.

The simplest solutions it not to pile but that is unrealistic. Even I after a long day of working with clients pile stuff to deal with later.  I schedule quick organizing sessions throughout the week to tackle items in my in-basket.  I suggest you do the following to prevent items from piling up

  1. Schedule a 15 minute organizing session at least once a week
  2. Take items out the bag and place in the room they belong
  3. Have one location to place all incoming mail and information
  4. Designated a place for your keys
  5. If you take something out put it back

Papers- Paper piles are developed when we delay in making a decision. We decide to open the mail or read the publication later when we have more time and tomorrow has no more time then today. The problem is that over time the small pile becomes bigger until it becomes too overwhelming to handle.  One solution is to go completely paperless when it comes to your bills and statements or at least reduce the amount of paper that enters your home.  Here are a few tips I share with clients

  1. Toss circulars you don’t need into the recycling bin
  2. When opening mail stand by the waste basket and recycle inserts you don’t need
  3. Instead of clipping coupons search for coupons you can download to your phone
  4. If need to keep a copy of a document scan it and save to the cloud
  5. Search for an upcoming community shredding event

Boxes –Are there boxes that are taking up valuable space that have remained unopened for 1, 5, 10 years or more? Do you have a storage unit full of boxes with items you have not used in years? If yes then it is time to start opening those boxes and toss or donate those items.

  1. Tackle 1 to 2 boxes a week in your home
  2. If you want to save money and eliminate your storage unit completely do as many boxes and needed so not to incur another month’s rent
  3. If it is old and no longer usable toss it
  4. If someone can use it donate it
  5. If you feel it has some value consider selling it online

I hope these tips help jump start your organizing project and help you stay focused so your space, home and life can be more organized.

What area are you going to focus for your Spring Organizing Project? Is it a closet, drawer or eliminate those boxes and that bill from the storage unit?  Please share I would love to hear from you.  If you need support with your organizing project so that you can stay on track check out my Get My Life Totally Organized Group that was created as safe place where you can post questions, photos and videos of your organizing challenges and receive strategies that will help you get your life in order.