Ready Set GO! Get Organized

Ready Set GO! Get Organized

By on Jan 2, 2017 | 0 comments

The month of January has been designated as Get Organized Month, so in this brand New Year what do you want to organize? A drawer, a room or your life?  Recently in an interview a reporter asked me what are the trouble spots when it comes to organizing?  It was hard to narrow the list down to 5 but following are my responses with strategies to help you tackle these areas and get organized.

  1. The entrance-the shoes, coats and other stuff we drop at the front door as soon as we enter the home.
    1. Purchase a shoe rack to keep shoes organized and off the floor.
    2. Purge the coat closet so there is room to hang the outerwear the family uses.
    3. Use hooks or a stand to place handbags, totes, backpacks.
    4. Hang up coats, don’t put them on the back of chairs.


  1. The papers-piled on the counter, coffee table, dining room table, desk in your home office
    1. Toss the junk mail immediately.
    2. Purge filing cabinet of information and files that can be discarded.
    3. Go paperless.
    4. Schedule time weekly to manage paperwork.


  1. The bedroom-clothes everywhere but the closet
    1. Purge and get rid of what you don’t need.
    2. Make sure you have enough hangers so everything gets hung. Use slim hangers to maximize space.
    3. Discipline yourself to put clothes away after they come out the dryer.
    4. If you take something out the closet or drawer and decide not to wear it put it back and don’t lay it on the bed or toss it on a chair.


  1. The drawer-full of junk.
    1. Designated what will be stored in the drawer. Kitchen utensils, craft supplies, home office supplies.
    2. Use drawer organizers to keep items organized and accessible.
    3. Break the habit of shoving items in the drawers when you need to clear the counter or the top of your desk.
    4. If you take something out of the drawer put it back. This will keep your surfaces clutter-free and the next time you need to use an item you can find it the first time you look.


  1. The kitchen-clutter countertops and cabinets
    1. Clear the counter top of items and appliances not used regularly.
    2. Organize and purge drawers to ensure that you do not have duplicates taking up valuable space.
    3. Organize and purge cabinets of items you are not using.
    4. Each time you shop for groceries place recently purchase items behind items currently on the shelf to ensure everything gets used.

What is on your organizing to-do list? I would love for you to share.  Please leave a comment below. Invest in yourself in 2017 by joining me in my Private Group- Get My Life Totally Organized so I can help you conquer your clutter, get organized and live an organized life.