Online Organizing with Janet

Online Organizing with Janet

I will work with you via phone or Skype no matter where you are located. I will work with you virtually and coach you one-on-one to purge and organize items in your home so it is organized and you have easier access to items.

What is Online Organizing?

An alternative to my onsite services that allows me to work with you online and provide you with the strategies you need via email, phone or Skype to conquer your clutter and get organized.

Is Online Organizing for me? This service would benefit you if you

  • Are a self-starter
  • Are a DIYer
  • Follow detail plans
  • Work well with timelines
  • Want to organize your home when it fits your schedule (early in the morning or late at night)
  • Have a budget you want to stick with

What would you get from the working with me?

  • A visual assessment of the area via photos, video or Skype by me of the area you want organized
  • A detailed plan with steps to organize your space which will be your guide to staying focused on tasks that need to be completed
  • Product suggestions (if needed) to help you organize the space that are within your budget
  • Follow-up via phone calls and emails to ensure you stay on track
  • Strategies you need to organize the space yourself and the motivation to maintain the order

Weekly and Bi-weekly scheduled sessions available

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