The Bad, Good and Great Habits I Learned From My Momma!

The Bad, Good and Great Habits I Learned From My Momma!

By on Apr 22, 2018 | 0 comments

I’ll always love my Momma! Don’t worry I am not going to sing. I just wanted to express how I feel about my Mother as I am sure you feel the same about your Mother or that Mother figure in your life. As we celebrate Mother’s Day I once again started reflecting on things I learned from my Mother that helped me be more organized in my own life and help my clients do the same.

The Saver- Like many in her era my Mother was a saver. One of the things I share that she saved, are the plastic margarine containers. The cabinets were full of them.  Once I started living on my own I realized I started doing the same the only difference I had margarine containers and food storage containers that I brought which meant I had a lot of plastic containers.  One day after getting tired of seeing all those items in my cabinet I decided I needed to change.  The solution for me was to only purchase butter and margarine in stick form therefore there would be nothing left to save. One disorganized habit crossed off my list.

The Time Manager- My Mother was an excellent time manager and she probably didn’t even know it. She knew how to get things done and cross items off her list.  Following are a few time management tips I still use today to help me get things done.

  • Prepare the night before. I would see her select her outfit, pack her handbag and gather all the paperwork she needed for her appointments the next day.
  • Arrive at all appointments at least 10 minutes early. Mother was a stickler to arriving to appointments on time. Ensuring that she would leave in enough time should there be any traffic delays.
  • Write a to-do list. The one thing I do remember is that she was always a list maker checking items off as she completed them.
  • Writing appointments on her calendar. She always had a calendar and made sure each appointment was written down to keep track of her schedule.

The Organizer-I believe I learned a lot about organizing from my Mother. I still remember the systems she had in the home to make things accessible. I don’t believe she was striving for an organized home she just wanted it to be neat.  Following are a few ways she kept order in the home.

  • Organized Pantry-When my Mom would open up something like syrup that item would go on the grocery list posted on the refrigerator. When she purchased the item she would place it directly behind the open bottle so she would know what was in her pantry inventory.
  • Organized Refrigerator– Every Tuesday evening she would toss items out of the refrigerator because trash day was Wednesday
  • Recycling Papers-Before recycling was popular, after reading the paper she would place it in the milk crate and on Tuesday night she would tie it with twine and place it out for Wednesday’s trash.
  • Containing Things– As I think back I remember how my Mother contained things. She repurposed a cake tin pan to store matches and a quilted box on her dresser kept small items like her watch within reach.

 As you reflect on your Mother what do you remember most about how she keep things together? Please share by commenting below. If you or your Mom need support to organize your life check out my Get My Life Totally Organized Group that was created as a safe place where you can post questions, photos and videos of your organizing challenges and receive strategies that will help you get your life in order.