The Clean Home Office

The Clean Home Office

By on Jan 16, 2017 | 0 comments

The 2nd Monday in January is Clean Off Your Desk Day and the focus can sometimes be on our desk at work only but what about home? Do you just toss everything on the top of the desk to deal with later?  If yes following are a few tips to help you conquer the clutter in your home office so you will no longer be afraid to keep the door open.

  1. Your desk-the mail and other items that are tossed on the top of the desk.
    1. Use an in basket to place all incoming mail
    2. Use magazine boxes or a basket to store magazines you keep
    3. Clear your desk each time you finish working


  1. The desk drawer-piled in the drawer are pens, pencils, receipts and business cards.
    1. Use drawer organizers to place office supplies
    2. Remove receipts and place in an envelope or scan
    3. Scan business cards or store in a rolodex


  1. The filing cabinet-overstuffed with dated information and no space to file current information
    1. Purge paperwork and files no longer needed
    2. Consider scanning documents you want to retain to create more space
    3. Schedule time weekly to file, scan and shred


  1. The computer files-unorganized mess
    1. Create folders to organize information
    2. Delete duplicate files
    3. Schedule time once a month to delete files no longer needed


  1. The closet-cluttered with old equipment, office supplies and other items
    1. Remove items that are not working and can be recycled
    2. Install shelving to maximize storage space
    3. Designate the closet as a place to store office supplies, paper and other items needed when working in your home office

Have you decided to transform your space and create a home office? I would love for you to share what your dreams are for the space.  Will it be a craft room or a place to pay bill? Please leave a comment below. Invest in yourself in 2017 by joining me in my Private Group- Get My Life Totally Organized so I can help you conquer your clutter, get organized and live an organized life.