The Organized Dad

The Organized Dad

By on Jun 2, 2014 | 0 comments

As I get older I believe I learned how to be organized from both my parents.  My Mom would keep the home organized and my Dad taught me how to manage my time to make the most of my day.  I still remember how he would wake up early do housework and other errands yet still had time for road trips or just turning on the music and dancing.   As my way of celebrating Father’s Day I wanted to share a few tips to help the men conquer their clutter.

Below are tips to help Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles, Brothers and men everywhere be more organized:

1)      Clean Out The Closet:  Yes, let’s get rid of the clothes that don’t fit from high school and college (old sports uniforms, faded tee shirts, shoes, etc) or you don’t want to wear anymore.  If the outfit could be considered a costume then it is time to let it go.

2)      Park The Car In The Garage: Utilize shelves, cabinets and garage organizers to maximize space and organize everything from holiday decorations to sporting equipment to tools. Make it a goal that this will be the year you park the car in the garage.

3)      Keep The Kitchen In Order:  There are lots of men who are great cooks and a great cook needs an organized kitchen.  Organize your pantries to keep track of your inventory so you can find items the first time you look.

4)      Declutter The Junk Drawers: Use a utensil organizer for small tools to keep them handy and accessible.

5)      Tackle the Tangled Mess: Organize the accessories to your electronic equipment in a clearly labeled container and toss those items you no longer need because you have replaced the equipment.

6)      Manage The Paperwork:  Toss the junk mail, recycle read newspapers and place receipts in clearly marked envelopes or download an app to scan them.

7)      Get The Junk Out Your Trunk: Use something as simple as a crate to organize supplies needed to clean and maintain your car.

8)      Tame The Piles On The Dresser:  Utilize a men’s valet to corral items ( phone, watch,  spare change) on your dresser.

9)      Keep Your Man Cave Clutter-Free: Schedule time regularly to recycle read newspapers and donate (old equipment) or discard ( broken chair) items when you purchase something new.

After reading my blog do you feel like you need additional techniques to get organized in your life? Check out my Virtual Organizing Sessions designed to  give you keys to organize your space, time and life.


Until next time… have a clutter free day!