The Organized Home

The Organized Home

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For over 17 years of working with clients to help them organize their homes, offices and lives I am asked the same question, “Is it possible to have an organized home”?  My answer is always YES.  Recently I received a call from a woman I spoke with after my presentation at a conference and she shared with me the struggles she was having trying to get organized.  We scheduled a consultation so I could assess her space and discuss ways that I could assist her. 

As I entered her home I was amazed at how orderly and clean the living room, dining area and kitchen were.  I immediately informed her that this is not the home of an extreme hoarder which she kept claiming she was.  We then proceeded to the 2nd floor which is where she needed help.  After several surgeries and ending a career in education she just became overwhelmed with maintaining order.  I told her I could assist her with clearing the clutter, getting organized and developing a system that will be easy to maintain. 

She was excited and was ready to tackle the home office, I continued my assessment and we entered the bedroom.  I saw the piles and learned that she was not sleeping in her bed and decided that would be the room we would focus on first since it had been several months since she had a good night’s sleep. 

Together we tackled the bedroom by doing the following:

1)      Purged the closet and dresser of items she no longer wore

2)      Donated clothes to local charity

3)      Organized the  clothes that she decided to keep

4)      Remove items that did not belong ( paperwork that belonged in home office)

5)      Mount TV on the wall

6)      Cleared top of dresser of items no longer used

7)      Place new linens on bed and curtains on windows

8)      Established the bedroom as a Clutter-Free Zone.  Only reading, watching TV and sleeping allowed.  No more paperwork in the bedroom.

 Next we moved to the home office to tackle the paper piles and we have accomplished the following:

1)      Sorted through the paperwork and other items by creating the following categories:

a.       Sewing ( fabrics, patterns)

b.      Music

c.       Storytelling ( she works with children)

d.      Personal Paperwork ( Family, Home, Church)

e.      Donations (arts , craft and educational materials she will never use)

f.        Shred ( she has her grandchildren do this task)

g.       Trash

As a result of her focus and hard work she can now use her treadmill (which was folded up for 2 years) as a way for her to strengthen her muscles as she continues to recover.   She could not believe all the space that was hidden in her home office underneath the piles and containers (we emptied over 10). 

In between sessions I provided her with small assignments (scheduling time for the grandchildren to shred or clearing out one container).  Our next focus will be the 2nd bedroom, basement and garage.   Once the project is complete she has decided to throw a party as a way to celebrate her accomplishment to getting her home and life in order.

If you are a ready to get organized and need some help I can coach you with my Virtual Organizing or provide you with hands on assistance.  Please click the following link so I can help you on your journey to living an organized life.  

Until next time… have a clutter free day!

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