The Season Of Thanksgiving

The Season Of Thanksgiving

By on Nov 19, 2013 | 0 comments

I wanted to take a moment in what can be a sometimes hectic schedule to write down some things I am thankful for this year.  Once I started writing it became a long list so I decided to limit my list.   

Following are the 15 reasons I am thankful this season and throughout the year

  1. Loving parents.
  2. Loving aunts, uncles and cousins.
  3. Beautiful godchildren and making their list twice of the fun things they did over the Summer.
  4. A 30 plus year friendship with my BFF.
  5. Friends who are supportive, loving, fun and have a great sense of humor.
  6. Lynn Edwards who helps me stay organized, on track and moving forward.
  7. My clients for continuing to allow me to do what I love to do.
  8. For the people I work with at my client sites who make me feel like a member of the team.
  9. For the over 300,000 global listeners of my podcast Got Clutter? Get Organized!
  10. For great neighbors.
  11. For all my followers on social media and the JMT email list. 
  12. A great mentor and spiritual mother.
  13. Awesome church family.
  14. Beautiful community I can enjoy.
  15. The women who have become mother and grandmother figures.

Ok now that you have read my list now it is your turn.  Take out a pen and paper and write your thankful list.  I would love for you to share one item off your list.  You may be surprised that despite what may feel like a challenging time you to have a lot to be thankful for.

Until next time… have a clutter free day!