The Year You Get Organized!

The Year You Get Organized!

By on Dec 30, 2017 | 0 comments

We are celebrating a New Year woo hoo! What is on the top of your list to accomplish? Is it getting organized? Was this on your list last year, the year before that and the year before that? Let’s make this the year you finally get organized.

When working with clients before I get started I ask them a few questions regarding their short and long term goals. You may be wondering why I don’t just jump right in and start organizing.  Well, the answers to those questions help me develop a plan that not only helps them get organized but stay organized. It also helps them decide what they need to keep and what they need to let go.  Following are a few questions I believe you should ask yourself before you start tossing, purging and organizing.

What is your life like right now? Are you single, married or an empty nester? Do you have toddlers, teenagers or pets? Are you a student, work full time, run a business from your home or retiring?   I was working with my empty nester client clearing out the basement and came across the highchair. I knew the highchair belonged to her daughter who was now living in another state. I asked my client a simple question, why are you keeping this? Her response was for the grandchildren. My response was I believe that once the grandchildren arrive you and your husband will want to go out and purchase a new safer highchair. She paused and said you are absolutely right. One highchair tossed more space in the basement and the husband called and was happy because he wanted to toss the highchair 10 years ago.

What is frustrating you? Is it the clutter near the front door, the piles on the bed or not being able to see the top of your dining room table? One woman newly married shared that it frustrated her the way her husband just piled stuff near the front door and she wanted to change him. I asked her do you have systems in place for him to put his things she said, no. I shared hooks for his keys and hat and even a shoe rack to store his shoes would be a simple solution to keep that space organized and harmony in the relationship.

How much space do you have now? One bedroom, no basement, small kitchen or a few closets? Storage units are becoming more popular and I had to use one myself for a few months to store items until I moved into my new place. Unfortunately we pay unbelievable amounts each month to store items we don’t have room for and that we never use again. One client preparing for retirement had 2 storage units for several years. Our immediate goal was to downsize to one unit and work on emptying out the second unit within 30 days. In the storage locker where his adult children’s childhood clothes and toys. We also came across a dot matrix printer that he did not want to part with. We successfully emptied both storage units saving this client hundreds of dollars each month.

What are your plans for the next year, 5 years or 10 years? A client asked me to organize his home office. In our conversation he shared that the disorganization was frustrating. After seeing his office I noticed the space was small for the amount of equipment and supplies he needed accessible.   He shared his long term goals to grow his business and I suggested that his space needed to as well.  We discussed options of setting up the office space in his basement which would give him adequate work and storage space to expand as well as space to bring in an assistant when needed. The future office will give him enough space to work comfortable and create an area for storage so that everything he needs is within reach.

As you decide on an area in your home, office or life to organize start by asking the above questions so that you can let go of what is no longer needed to create a space for the things you use and love.

Has this blog motivated to get started you? Please share I would love to hear from you.  In this New Year do you feel you need some help to stay focused and on track? If yes check out my Get My Life Totally Organized Group that was created as safe place where you can post questions, photos and videos of your organizing challenges and receive strategies that will help you get your life in order.