Time To Send The Dust Bunnies Packing, Spring Clean Your Home Office

Time To Send The Dust Bunnies Packing, Spring Clean Your Home Office

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It is that time of year when people are donating clothes they no longer wear, getting junk out the garage and planning outdoor gardens. Unfortunately the home office space does not get that much attention until it is too late. You can’t find the information you need when you need it which is usually right now. Following are strategies to tackle that space so you can continue managing your home, business and life.

The Top of the Desk this is your workspace where all the important jobs get done anything from paying bills to managing projects. This can also be the most cluttered space because nothing gets put away for fear of losing it or forgetting to do the next task. To tackle this project you want to..

  • Remove everything off the top of the desk
  • Only put items back on the desk you need. This could be the pencil cup or stapler. Try and keep the photos, mementos and keepsakes to a minimum
  • Create zones. A place to work which should be kept clear, a place for incoming paperwork and a place for the tools frequently used. Such as your pens, pencils, stapler and calculator.

The Center Drawer or better known as the dumping spot. Small items that are cluttering the desk end up in the center drawer especially if you want the top of your desk clear. I believe this is a simple two step process to organize this area. Toss all the junk and use desk drawer organizers to place items you need accessible. To tackle this project you want to..

  • Toss all the pens that are dry, pencils that are broken and batteries that don’t work
  • Scan loose receipts and toss the ones where the ink has faded
  • Use drawer organizers to place items you need accessible but don’t want on the top of your desk

The In-basket is another spot which becomes a place to pile information that you don’t want to deal with. The result is it overflows with information that can be filed, scanned or trashed. To tackle this project you want to..

  • Review information and decide what you need to keep or take action on so you can remove it from your in-basket.
  • File or Scan information that you need to keep. Scanning information allows you to keep the information without needing additional storage space.
  • Toss/shred information you no longer use or need.

The File Drawers can be full of information that is old which is why there are piles on the desk of the most recent information because there is no room for them and you don’t want to lose track of the paperwork. Spring is a great especially after the tax season to purge them. You can eliminate months and even years worth of paperwork no longer needed. To tackle this project you want to…

  • Organize information by category then by year which will make it easy to purge files
  • Invest in a good shredder and/or attend a shredding event
  • Schedule regular purges

Click the following link to see what you need to keep and toss https://www.consumerreports.org/taxes/how-long-to-keep-tax-documents

The Computer can get as cluttered as our desks and filing cabinets because we never delete those old files from our computer or external hard drive. To tackle this project you want to..

  • Delete duplicate copies and rough drafts to originals that have been approved
  • Delete photos and images you no longer need
  • Back-up files weekly to the Cloud or your external hard drive

The Supplies you buy them with every intention of using them and you don’t because you can’t find them. To tackle this project you want to..

  • Organize and categorize supplies
  • Decide what supplies you will use and those you need to donate
  • Organize them in a container, drawer or closet for easy access

Regular Maintenance now that your home office project is complete, you can see the top of your desk and can find supplies when you need them. Use the following strategies to keep it organized

  • Daily- at the end of your work day clear your desk.
  • Weekly- clean out your in-basket
  • Monthly delete files from your computer
  • Quarterly -schedule purges

Thinking of cleaning out your home office? Please share your project I would love to hear from you. If you need support with your organizing project so that you can stay on track check out my Get My Life Totally Organized Group that was created as safe place where you can post questions, photos and videos of your organizing challenges and receive strategies that will help you get your life in order.