Tips From The Mother of Miss Totally Organized

Tips From The Mother of Miss Totally Organized

By on Apr 30, 2013 | 2 comments

In honor of Mother’s Day I wanted to share tips I learned from my Mother that help me maintain order in my home and life. I hope this will inspire you as a Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Godmother and Mentor to do the same. 

Mom Taylor’s Life Organizing Tidbits

 Paper Management System:

1)      Organize coupons in coupon organizer check the expiration date each time you shop.

2)      After magazines and papers are read put them in the recycling bin.

3)      Use small file box to keep paid bills, bank statements, household information, etc.

4)      Identify photos immediately and schedule time to organize in photo albums/boxes.

5)      Discard duplicate information from banks, insurance companies, pharmacies.

Time Saving Tips:

1)      Make a shopping list and list items by aisle to save time.

2)      Use your calendar as a reminder to change the baking soda in the refrigerator.

3)      Schedule time weekly according to your work schedule to do laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning.

4)      Plan meals for the week and cook according to your schedule.  I do my cooking for the week on Saturday or Sunday when I have more time.

5)      Clean the kitchen after you have finished a meal.  Faster to clean up after one meal than three.

Maintain order in the home:

1)      Label and date everything that is stored in the freezer in aluminum foil.

2)      Group like items together in the cabinets (bake goods, breakfast foods).

3)      Use a variety of containers to organize miscellaneous items (plastic margarine container to store trash bag ties).

4)      Put clean clothes away.

5)      Always hang your coat up and put away your shoes.

For additional organizing tidbits order one of my publications to conquer the clutter in your home, office and life.

Drop me a line and let me know what tip you used or share a tip you received from your Mother that has impacted you and how you manage your home and life.

  • Texas lady

    At Chili’s there is a sign when you leave the kitchen for the wait staff–Never come empty handed. It is a reminder to bring any dirty dishes, etc you can–it helps everyone. Well, that works at home too. Scan your environment as you move through rooms–and take anything that needs to go in the direction you are moving–on your way to the bedroom from the den? Take those shoes laying the floor in the den with you-Well, you get the picture.

    • Janet M. Taylor

      That is such a great tip and a way to conquer piles, get and stay organized!