Unstuff Your Closet

Unstuff Your Closet

By on Jul 20, 2018 | 0 comments

I’ve been told that we should organize our closets monthly and I’m beginning to agree as that is what I have been doing. When we do it seasonally months go by and our closets are full of clothes we don’t wear. To give you that room you desire and give you a jump start on space for your fall wardrobe, I want to share with you a few techniques you can use to regularly organize your closet and how a closet clean out kit from ThredUp makes is easier.

Step 1: Order your Closet Clean Out Kit from ThredUp. ThredUp gives you a great option and incentive to weed out clothes from your closet. I use the service and love it. You request a bag, fill it up, send it back (they pay for shipping), they sell the items and you receive points to buy clothes.

Step 2: Get hangers. Before starting the project review your hangers and if you don’t already use them consider slim hangers. You would be amazed at the amount of space a hanger can take up. Using slim hangers helps you maximize closet space.

Step 3: Pull everything out the closet. This may seem overwhelming but this is the best way for a fresh start and to tackle everything that was crammed in the space. Sometimes you will be surprised at how much was shoved in the closet.

Step 4: Put everything back that you have worn and will continue to wear during the summer months. If you have not worn it wait before you put it back.

Step 5: Put items back you know you will be wearing. The outfits for your upcoming all white affair, wedding, etc.

Step 6: Pull out your ThredUp Bag and take a deep breath and go through the items that you have not returned to the closet. Support may be needed and hiring an organizing expert or an organized friend can help you with the process. Ask yourself will you wear it? Do you want to wear it? Does it fit? I have a skirt I enjoyed wearing unfortunately it began to feel tight around the waist. It was no longer comfortable so it had to go and I put it aside.

Step 7: For all the items you placed in the ThredUp Bag review to see if they are clean, a trend, less than 5 years old (when you request a kit you will receive a list of what they do and don’t accept). Once you decide what will go in the bag seal it and that is it.

It was easy I placed the bag on the floor near my closet and filled it up. Next I dropped it off at the post office or I could have scheduled a pickup at my home. I received an email confirming they received my contents and another once the contents had been evaluated with my spending balance. I just received an email that one of the items has been sold. This is more convenient for me that taking items to a consignment shop.

Step 7: Keep your closet organized by regularly purging items. The suit that is too tight or that piece you are no longer in love with that is still fashionable. Order your ThredUp Clean Out Kit and fill it up. With more room you will now be able to have a closet full of clothes you love and wear.

Are you ready to tackle your closet and not sure how to get started let me help you? Schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation by clicking this link so I can help you on your journey to living an organized life.