Set up an Online Organizing Session

Set up an Online Organizing Session


Are you ready for help from a pro to tackle the piles in your home and life? _MG_3098


If yes, then you need Janet!


Stop panicking when the doorbell rings or wasting time and getting frustrated when you can’t find something. Schedule a session today and get rid of the chaos and get organized.


During your Online Strategy Session with Janet, she will review your space and show you how to:


  • Make room for the things you love and use.
  • Donate or toss the stuff collecting dust you don’t use and give you the push you need to get rid of it.
  • Organize papers to eliminate the piles.
  • Create systems to store items so you and your family can find things the first time you look.



Work with Janet and  feel in control of your space and life with her strategies to tackling piles and kicking clutter in the butt.



Janet has a great personality. She’s wonderful to work with and offers very wise counsel. She makes easy-to-apply suggestions with no guilt tripping. Janet has excellent follow-up skills as well. I highly recommend her organization.
Shawn, Pennsylvania

Don’t wait!  Start  your session today with this seasoned organizing professional and see immediate change in your space and life.

Set up your session today!

1/2 hour Session – $75    only $39
1 hour Session $125  only $65

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**Sorry, Fees are Non-Refundable**


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