When life handed me lemons…I got organized!

When life handed me lemons…I got organized!

By on Mar 6, 2017 | 0 comments

It was Sunday morning and I was getting ready to dress, eat breakfast and go to church.  I walked out of my bedroom noticed the paint on the wall behind the futon was peeling which meant there was a leak coming from above. I moved things, covered furniture and then noticed the other side of the wall which was my kitchen also showed signs of a leak. I then proceed to empty those cabinets of dishes, spices, pots and pans.

After notifying maintenance of the leak and my neighbor for emotional support, I started looking at the stuff placed throughout my living and dining room and asked myself the question I asked so many clients, do I really use all this stuff?  I decided instead of feeling depressed about what had just occurred that this was a great opportunity to get a head start on tossing what I no longer needed since I will be moving in a few months.  I began sorting by category keep, trash, donate and repurpose. Next I started going through my stuff and decided on the following

  1. Keep. All the items I currently use or will use in the future which means all my dishes including the set my Dad gave my Mother before I was a teenager. I am keeping the Pyrex Pie Dish I cherish despite the fact that I don’t use it and probably never will. I am not ready to let it go and I do have room to store it in my cabinet. I can still smell her Sweet Potato Pie as she took it out the oven.
  2. Toss.The cracked plastic cover I never used that I believe went to one of the baking trays I do use. Also the lid to a pot that is I no longer own. I know why I kept it. My Mother would use it with her cast iron and other frying pans when she fried chicken to prevent the grease from getting everywhere.  I love fried chicken but I don’t fry it anymore so there is really no need for me to keep that lid. I have lids that go with pots and pans I still own.
  3. Donate. My mother purchased a rack to place the chicken when she cooked. She never used it and I inherited it and I never used.  I will ask friends to see if they want it.  If not I will donate it.
  4. Repurpose. The frequently used ice tea pitcher that needs to be replaced.  I decided I am going to repurpose it and use it to water my plants.

The next time you are forced to clear out an area of your home due to an unforeseeable incident take a couple of deep breaths and see it as an opportunity to get rid of things in your home and life you no longer need and get organized.

Have you started your Spring cleaning project?  If yes I would love for you to share what area you will focus on, please leave a comment below. Don’t get overwhelmed with your project get support and invest in yourself by joining my Private Group- Get My Life Totally Organized so I can help you clear piles, conquer your clutter and live an organized life.